References, organic (like workspace with photos – stills of working / tracing shadows), space curate, sharpness of shadows with light, calming/ pacifying, dream-like effect, operate from what is needed, minimal, repetition of syllables, experience of being in the space

frame the light – like an exact rectangle of light – restrict illuminated area so people can draw within that and only their hand –

placement of paper- whats around? black ? free standing on a pole/ plinth / stand arising out of the floor? ceiling? suspension – in time/ space – light from top/ paper from below

drape black cloth around to take away the stiffness

light on top/ light at the bottom? illumination from the base? test shadows?

film camera from top/ from light source side/ physicality/ presence of light?

sheets of paper? a2/ a3? bind with silica gel? print something on them? screen print? letterpress? positioning – centre – allowing for l&r space to fit within

physical barrier? – make person stand at a certain distance or allow mobility in a certain angle

height: average between tall & short – test – step in – architecture student booth/ at the back of college?


16mm filmed projection with sound

micro ellipse lamp

auto/ telescopic pole

“A poet must leave traces of his passage, not proof.” Rene Char

shredder, filmed anyway, stored, thrown, taken away? a scroll/ roll outside-

no re-enactment? only performances filmed!

Live feed filming – cho suggestion? processing help.

TABLET working possibility? trace-less! – pin-up traces in one area? closed box for traces –

MATERIAL: taping edges? silicon gel? ink and brush, brush pens? crayons will make it tougher? pen? not as effective

performance – execution:

performance with space/ collective stages performance

1. 6/ 8 people on a wall/ music/ light/ projection?

2. 3/4 people not he floor

3. interfering 2-3 people – perhaps on the floor?

4. just one person – speeds, repetition, just one, leave midway?

5. one day – natural light performance – on a sunny day?

a dynamic controlled spot – like divya kasturi performance

combine/ painting/ opposite above pasting

Sound in background/ bohm/ krishnamuty/. jeff ted talk/ my re-reading – or just type?

on the suspended trace floor – music?

concept explanation: type? projection?

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