The 20-foot high adapted Obelisk form links the museum’s heritage to its dynamic new architecture.

Client: Royal Ontario Museum Governors
Design, Software: Gorbet Design, Inc.
Graphic Design: Sheila Farragher

Chronos & Kairos is a suspended robotic sculpture that juxtaposes Chronos, time as a measured quantity, with Kairos, momentary, suspended time.

Sixty-five kinetic “nodes” are suspended in a curved grid below the gate area ceiling. The hanging nodes are each composed of two graceful metal arcs that rotate around each other in midair, manipulated with a visible pulley system. Linked with a “Jacob’s Ladder” fabric hinge, the arcs maintain a mysterious physical connection as they rotate. This mesmerizing motion is multiplied by choreographed patterns moving across the nodes.

Courtesy of Nature is an environmentally responsive light sculpture installed in San José International Airport’s Terminal B. It evokes the natural feeling of dappled sunlight through trees, within the rectilinear forms of the airport concourse columns. Courtesy of Nature suggests a window into an alternate reality and poses a juxtaposition of nature and technology.


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