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‘To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’

‘centre, empty, connect’

‘what I call approximate design, which means no control, only guidance’

you diminish your function as an opening in the fabric of the universe, a way of showing and seeing the universe reveals itself through you


Inspired by Gary Zukav’s ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’. Woo Lee…pronounced as Woo Lee in English. 31. Physics, in essence, is simple wonder at the way things are and a divine (some call it compulsive) interest in how that is so…”When I studied physics in Taiwan,”said Huang,”we call it Wu Li. It means ‘Patterns of Organic Energy'”…Everyone at the table was taken at once by this image. Mental lights flashed on, one by one, as the idea penetrated. “Wu Li” was more than poetic…It caught that CERTAIN SOMETHING, that living quality that we were seeking…32. Each word in Chinese is depicted by a character which is a line drawing. Good translators require a translator who is both a poet and a linguist. For example,”Wu” can mean either “matter” or “energy”. “Li” is a richly poetic word. It means “universal order” or “universal law”. It also means “organic patterns”. The grain in a panel of wood is “Li”. The organic pattern on the surface of a leaf is also Li, and so is the texture of a rose petal.

The question is not,”Do they know something that we don’t?” The question is “How do they know it?”

33. 34.  Physics: Wu Li – Patterns of Organic Energy. (Wu – matter, energy) Wu Li – My way. (Wu – mine, self) Wu Li – Nonsense. (Wu – void, non-being) Wu Li – I Clutch my Ideas.(Wu – make a fist, clutch with a closed hand) Wu Li – Enlightenment (Wu – enlightenment, my heart, my mind)