Monthly Archives: March 2012

Catherine Alexander : COMPLICITE/’It doesn’t matter where you begin. Anything can be a starting point in theatre – a gesture, an idea, a song, a line of dialogue’. STEPHEN JEFFREYS. Obsessions and Interests creep in – vehicle. create something very quickly and throw it away very quickly. not too precious. an empty room or a mess. A moment of inspiration, whist sounding haphazard, can only exist as a result of profound preparation. SIMON MCBURNY. Play games. `kipiapi – vertically. Lines on the floor are massively influential. Sense of geometry and sense of shape, so ingrained, they couldn’t help but do it. If the actor does not imagine it, the audience does not see it. Alchemy of acting. Leaving lots of gaps, details that illuminate the whole thing. ‘Re-Jeu’, inquiry. Visual Haiku, accumulation.



Russel Mills: Poetic inspiration/

‘To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’

‘centre, empty, connect’

‘what I call approximate design, which means no control, only guidance’

you diminish your function as an opening in the fabric of the universe, a way of showing and seeing the universe reveals itself through you